How does the Geyser work?

The GEYSER® is suitable for most storage tank water heaters from 40 gallons to 120 gallons. Heat is pulled from the surrounding air and, utilizing heat pump technology, that energy is used to heat the water in your tank. Even the small amount of electricity used to operate the GEYSER® is converted to heat. With an Energy Rating over 2.0, this means that for every unit of electricity used, the GEYSER® produces over two units of heat for making hot water.

As an added bonus, the air surrounding the GEYSER® is also being dehumidified. This reduces household mold and mildew, possibly allowing you to switch off your dehumidifier and further increasing your savings.

What is the difference between the GEYSER® add-on Heat Pump versus Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters?

We get this question a lot: Why get a Geyser add-on instead of a Hybrid? There are many reasons to get the add-on Geyser, the reasons we hear most often are:

1. Nearly everybody already has a tank. It is much cheaper to buy an add-on Geyser (and much easier to install) obtaining the same savings, than it is to throw away the tank and buy an expensive hybrid unit

2. If the tank of a hybrid unit starts leaking, you have to replace both the heat pump and the tank at a considerable cost. If the tank of the Geyser add-on fails, you just replace the tank.

3. People that have a high-end water heater (maybe with lifetime warranty) don’t want to replace it with a lower quality hybrid unit.

4. Keep in mind that the Heat Pump recovery is slower. If a customer is “just getting by” with a traditional 50 gallon tank, they will experience cold showers if they upgrade to a 50 gallon hybrid. And larger hybrids are even more expensive. Instead they get an 80 gallon storage tank and add a Geyser.

5. If you have a water heater that is located in basement (or other place) that doesn’t have the headroom for a hybrid you can get the Geyser and place it next to the tank

6. Some customers want to use the cooled, dehumidified air from the heat pump in a different, nearby room than where the water heater is located. You can do this by retrofitting the existing tank with a Geyser located in a nearby but different space.

7. Many customers have other less common applications like heating water for radiant floor heating, back-up to solar water heater, and many others! Hybrids are typically not up the right choice for these tasks.



 Product Specifications:

Actual BTU output 6,275 BTUH

Energy Rating 2.0

Temperature Setting: adjustable up to 140°F (60°C)

Sound Level: 60 dB on average at 3′ distance

Recovery rate: 12.75 US Gallons (48.3 Liters) / hr. at 58°F (15.5°C) water intake

First hour recovery rating: 62.5 gallons when connected to 50 gallon tank

Suitable for any regular household outlet (110V/60hz; draws 5–7 amps)

GEYSER R and RO are QPS listed as in compliance with UL and CSA standards.

Dimensions: 16.5” wide, 20.0” deep, 16.0” tall.





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